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Simulation Lab

The Simulation Training Laboratory enables participants to engage in an extraordinary educational experience. The 5,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility is located on the newly renovated St. Joseph’s University Medical Center campus. Clinical scenarios are re-created through the use of specialized task trainers, live patient actors, and high fidelity human patient simulators. Each simulated encounter incorporates all of the intricate details that would be present in the assessment and treatment of actual patients. Medical students and professionals from all disciplines, engaged in a career-long process of continued learning, are able to further develop expertise by actual performance in sessions that range from individual technical skills to the most complex inter-professional treatment scenarios. Each program is guided by a staff of experienced clinical instructors utilizing hybrid hands-on learning, in real time, with the same leading-edge equipment and devices used throughout the hospital environment.  Away from the high-risk environment of actual patient care, this “no-risk” laboratory increases proficiency and builds confidence.

The mission of the simulation training laboratory and our IV oral sedation dentistry courses is that healthcare professionals will promote wellness, increased safety, and improved patient outcomes. Provided with the capability of unlimited intravenous conscious sedation training in a simulated “real-life” environment, participants build a more solid foundation and expedite attainment of clinical practice expertise.

Simulation program offerings include:

  • Difficult Airway Management
  • Central Line/PICC/Peripheral Vascular Access
  • Anesthesia/Sedation
  • Respiratory Care
  • Suturing Laboratory
  • Chest Tube and Wet Suction Water Seal Chest Drain
  • Neonatal/Pediatric/Adult Critical Care/Resuscitation
  • Orthopedic Post-operative Care
  • Surgical Airway/Tracheostomy Management
  • Trauma/Surgical Procedures
  • Neurology – External Ventricular Drain Care
  • Cardiac Arrest Team Management
  • Custom-designed Specialty  Programs

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining an IV oral conscious sedation certification, we encourage you to seek information by contacting ASAASD. Contact Dr. Joseph Portale at (201) 723-4679 with any questions you may have regarding our training courses and schedule. It is our mission to help clinicians respond rapidly and appropriately to urgencies and emergencies that may arise whenever sedation in any form is administered. Our “real life” simulation environment allows students to understand what is expected of them to be able to handle emerging situations in the future. Our courses will help them become confident in their ability to administer sedation.