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Home / Faculty / Yasmi O. Crystal, DMD, Pedodontist

Yasmi O. Crystal, DMD, Pedodontist


 Yasmi O. Crystal 


Citizenship:                                        American

Home Address:                                   300 Spring Street. 5th fl.

New York City. NY 10013

Home Telephone:                               732-543-4696

Office Address:                                  Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry

111 East Union Avenue.

Bound Brook, NJ 08805

Office Telephone:                              732-356-1830


1980                                   DDS Degree – Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico (UNITEC)

1986                                   DMD Degree – UMDNJ. NJ Dental School

1982                                   Pediatric Dentistry Certificate – Eastman Dental Center. University of Rochester

Specialty Board

2007                                   American Board of Pediatric Dentistry


1987                                     New Jersey – License # 15948 Specialty License #3432

2006                                    New York license #51863

2006                                    California license #54948










Previous Positions


1987-1990                                          Hamilton Dental Associates. Trenton NJ

part time position

clinical pediatric dentist


Private Practice


1987 to date                                       Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry.

Bound Brook NJ

Solo ownership and senior specialist at specialty private practice


Hospital Appointments


2001 to date                                        Somerset Medical Center. Somerville NJ

Adjunct faculty for MD Family Practice Residency

Comprehensive Pediatric Dentistry is an

Oral Health rotation site.

Pediatric Dentist on Staff

2010 to date                                        On Staff at Robert Wood Johnson University                                                                                     Hospital





Jan, 2010 to date                                 Clinical Associate Professor

NYU School of Dentistry.

Department of Pediatric Dentistry


August 2011 to July 2012                  Clinical Associate Professor


Department of Pediatric Dentistry









1995 to date                Parenteral Conscious Sedation course from the American Society for the Advancement of Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry, which is a 80 hour course offered twice a year at St Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson, NJ.   10-12 students per course


1998 to date                Somerset Medical Center. Somerville NJ. Adjunct Faculty for

MD Family Practice Residency


2009 to date                Oral Health Consultant and Preceptor for American Academy of Pediatrics


2011 to date               NJ Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics’s Oral Health 2014

Initiative. Dentaquest Grant, Pediatric Dentist Consultant.


2007 to 2011               Visiting lecturer for Pediatric Dental Residents at UMDNJ









Research Activities



1980-1982                   Cariology department at EDC/U of Rochester:

Comparative Progress of Artificial Carious Lesions in Deciduous                                                       and Permanent Human Enamel.




Service – Community



2013 to date                           Representative of Nations on the Board of the International Association of Paediatric Dentistry IAPD

2013 to date                           Counselor for North America for the Pediatric Oral Health Research Scientific Group of IADR

2013 to date                           Member of AAPD’s Council of Scientific Affairs

2012 to date                           Member of the ADA Council of Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations. CAPIR

2012 to date                           Editorial Board of Pediatric Dentistry Journal

2012 to date                           Examiner for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Oral and Written Examination Sections

2012 to date                           Trustee. Board of the Fundation of the College of Diplomates of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry.

2011 to date                            Reviewer for Grants and Programs Committee. Healthy Smiles Healthy Children, Foundation of the AAPD

2011 to date                            Education Committee member for IAPD

2008 to date                            NJAPD Liaison to AAPD

2008 to 2011                           AAPD Board of Trustees. District II Trustee

2000 to date                            Continuing Education Committee for NJAPD

2007 to 2009                           NJ Headstart Leader for AAPD

2007 to date                            Spokesperson for AAPD

2006 to date                            Pediatric Dentistry. Peer Review Council NJDA

2000 to 2006                           President NJAPD

2000 to 2002                           Consultant for AAPD Council on Clinical Affairs

1988 to 2000                           Continuing Education Chair for NJAPD and NJSDC

1996 to date                            ASAAD recording secretary

1984 to 2009                           DVI (Dental Volunteers for Israel) volunteer clinician

several times for a week in the last 25 years.


Professional Consultantships


2011 to date                           NJ Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics’s Oral Health 2014 Initiative: Dentaquest Grant Pediatric Dentist Consultant. Including all inter-professional course development and teaching for the grant.


2006 to 2011                           American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

Oral Health Consultant and Preceptor


2008                                        Phillips Sonicare Pediatric Dentistry Workshop




Special Awards


2012                            Inducted into the International College of Dentists


2012                            Inducted into the American College of Dentists


1985                            UNAM. Honorary Mention on DMD Professional Examination.


1991                            Fellow of the American Society of Dental Aesthetics


2005                            New Jersey Top Dentists. Peer voted award


2010-13                       New Jersey Top Dentists. Peer voted award


CURRICULUM VITAE – (Yasmi O Crystal)


Professional Memberships


1982 to date                            American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

1986 to date                            American Dental Association

1986 to date                            NJ Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

1986 to date                            NJ Dental Association

1987 to date                            American Society for the Advancement of                                                                                        Anesthesia and Sedation in Dentistry

1991 to date                            American Society for Dental Aesthetics

1990 to date                            International Association of Paediatric Dentistry

2009 to date                            American Academy of Pediatrics. Associate Member

1990 to date                            European Academy of Paediatric Dentistry

1982 to date                            International Association for Dental Research/                                                                                American Association for Dental Research

1982 to 2002                           American Society of Dentistry for Children

1982 to 2002                           NJ Society of Dentistry for Children








Ramos Gomez FJ, Crystal YO, Domejean S, Featherstone JDB.

Minimal Intervention dentistry: part 3: Pediatric Dental Care: Prevention and             Management protocols by caries risk assessment for infants and young children.

British Dental Journal 213, 501-508. Nov 2012



Crystal YO, Creasey JL, Robinson L, Ramos-Gomez FJ, Successful business Models for       implementation of caries management by risk assessment in private practice settings.

California Dental Association Journal, November 2011, 795-805



Ramos Gomez FJ, Crystal YO, Domejean S, Featherstone JDB.

Prevention et prise en charge de la maladie carieuse basees sur l’evaluation du risque

Chez les jeunes enfants. Realites Cliniques Vol 22, No 3 pp. 141-156, Oct. 2011


Ramos Gomez FJ, Crystal Yasmi O, Ng Man Wai, Tinanoff N, Featherstone JDB.             Caries risk assessment,prevention, and management in pediatric dental care.

Academy of General Dentistry Journal, Nov/Dec 2010, 505-512


Crystal, Yasmi O, Houpt M. The Pediatrician’s Role In The Improvement Of Oral Health Of Young Children. New Jersey Pediatrician. Fall issue 2010; pp.11-12.   accessed 10/15/2010



Ramos Gomez FJ, Crystal Yasmi O, Ng Man Wai, Crall JJ, Featherstone JDB. Pediatric         Dental Care: Prevention and Management Protocols based on Caries Risk Assessment.

California Dental Journal, Vol 30, No 10. Oct 2010


Crystal, Yasmi O, Featherstone JDB. Leading the Fight in Caries Prevention. Dimensions in Oral Hygiene. April 2010 vol 8 #4


Crystal, Yasmi O. Cultural Competence and Caries Management in High Risk Populations.   Pediatric Dentistry Today   September 2009


Crystal, Yasmi O. Gender and Racial Issues that affect delivery of care: are we prepared for the future changes?   Pediatric Dentistry 25:1, 2003








Nov 30, 2013 Investigacion de colaboracion interdisciplinaria: del laboratorio a la                                                 aplicacion clinica. Oral presentation at the XXI Encuentro Nacional y XII                                    Iberoamericano de Investigacion en Odontologia. Mexico DF. 2 hr lecture


Nov 19, 2013 Fluoride Therapies for Caries control. Oral presentation at ADA’s

Prevention Symposium. Nov 18-20, 2013 lecture and panel participation                                       for 3 days   Chicago, Il.


Nov 2, 2013   Manejo de Caries basado en riesgo individual.   Oral presentation for                                                 Jornadas de la Asociacion Odontologica Argentina. Buenos Aires,                                      Argentina 2 hr lecture


Oct 23, 2013   Estrategias efectivas para reducir el riesgo de caries en pacientes                                                   pediatricos. Oct 23, 2013 Oral presentation for Asociacion de                                                             Odontologos de Manta. Manta, Ecuador   2 hr lecture


June 21, 2013 My strategy in Private Practice. Oral presentation at the IAPD

Meeting.          Seoul, Korea               1 hr. lecture

May 3, 2013   Pediatric Sedation.   Part of ASAAD bi-yearly sedation course.                                    St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Patterson, NJ.             2 hr. lecture            Jan 16, 2013   Webinar: Manejo de Caries basado en la evaluacion de riesgo individual                                      en pacientes pediatricos. Participants from all over Latin America (+200)                                   Sponsored by Premier Dental.             Nov 25, 2012 GNYDM .   Oral Presentation: Effective strategies to reduce caries risk on                                       pediatric dental patients.     New York City, New York


Nov 19, 2012 New Jersey State Congress. Taskforce on improving children’s school                                     performance. Oral presentation in importance of oral health and its effects                                     on a child’s quality of life. Presented as child advocate representing                                                NJDA.     Trenton, New Jersey.


Aug 17, 2012 Universidad Finis Terrae, Facultad de Odontologia. Oral Presentation:                                      Odontopediatria: Una Metodologia para la prevencion y manejo de caries:                                         Introduccion a CAMBRA.   Santiago, Chile


June 25, 2012 Conference for Scientific Integration UFRGS-UCSF-UNIBE at

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.     Porto Alegre, Brazil

Oral Presentation: CAMBRA in Pediatric Dentistry.


June 12, 2012 New Jersey Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Annual                                                 Session.

Oral Presentation with Dr. Cathy Balance:   Pediatric Oral Health


Nov 9, 2011    Robert Wood Johnson. GD residency program.   New Brusnwick NJ

Caries Management by Risk Assessment and Anticipatory Guidance


Oct 21, 2011   Mexican Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Curso Magno. Mexico DF

Oral Presentation: Manejo de caries por asesoramiento del riesgo


Oct 15, 2011   American Academy of Pediatrics. National conference and exhibition

Boston, Mass

Oral Presentation: Implementing Oral Health Risk Assessments in                                                             Pediatric Care


June 17, 2011 IAPD Annual Session, Athens, Greece

Oral Presentation: Improving Perinatal Oral Health


Jan 19, 2011    NJ Oral Health Coalition’s annual summit

Oral Presentation: Collaborative programs to Establish Oral Preventive                                           Regimes in Early Childhood based on Caries Risk Assessment.


Jan 8, 2011      CDA Foundation’s CAMBRA Symposium. San Francisco, Ca

Oral Presentation: Implementing risk assessment in practice: successful                                           business models. Pediatric Dental Practice.


Nov 30, 2010 ASAAD’s annual seminar at GNYDM

Oral Presentation: Clinical considerations for success in pediatric                                                             conscious sedation.


Mar 2010        Australia/New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry, Queenstown, NZ

Oral Presentation: Dental team approach to improve health behaviours to aid in pediatric caries management


Mar 9, 2010    NJ Academy of Pediatrics. Executive Board Meeting. Hamilton, NJ

Oral Presentation: Where is New Jersey in the Ranking?  Pediatric Oral Health Issues in New Jersey – The Oral Health Coalition



Feb 24 2010    Morris Kelner Memorial Conference on Pediatric Dentistry. Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia, Pa

Oral Presentation: Leadership opportunities in Pediatric Dentistry.


Feb 2010         16th Annual Dental Colloquium. Kawai, Hawaii

Oral Presentation: Clinical Implementations of Caries Management of Risk assessment in a Pediatric Dental Office


Jan 28 2010     WIC NJ Agencies Directors Annual Meeting, Trenton, NJ

Counseling for Perinatal Oral Health



Nov 2009        UCLA Department of Pediatric Dentistry, LA.

Oral Presentation: Leadership in Pediatric Dentistry.


Nov 2008        Annual Meeting of Hispanic Dental Association, Carefree, Az.

Oral presentation: Clinical Applications for CAMBRA (Caries Management by Risk Assessment).


Nov 2008        Columbia University’s regional symposium on Social Justice: Advocacy and Oral Health Policy. New York City, NY

Oral presentation: Leadership in Pediatric Dentistry.


Nov 2007        Greater New York Dental Meeting, NYC, NY

Oral Presentation: Clinical Implementation of Preventive Regimens Based on Risk Assessment.


Nov 2004        Greater New York Dental Meeting, NYC, NY.

ASAAD Oral Presentation:

Pediatric Sedation and Monitoring in Dental Practice.


May 2002        College of Diplomates Symposium ABPD. AAPD 55th annual session, Denver, Co.

Oral Presentation: Gender and Racial Issues that affect delivery of care: Are we prepared for the future changes?



May 1986       Puerto Rico Dental School/ASAAD meeting

Oral Presentation: Role of Sealants in a Modern Preventive Practice


June 1985        ORCA Congress, Stenungsund, Sweeden. Poster Presentation: Comparative Progress of Artificial Carious Lesions in Deciduous and Permanent Human Enamel.


May 1982        AADR/IADR Annual Session Oral Presentation: Rates of Progress of Artificial Carious Lesions in Deciduous and Permanent Human Enamel


Mar 1982        AADR Rochester Chapter Oral Presentation: Rates of Progress of Artificial Carious Lesions in Deciduous and Permanent Human Enamel


May 1982        AAPD Annual Session. Poster Presentation: Rates of Progress of Artificial Carious Lesions in Deciduous and Permanent Human Enamel


May 1981        AAPD Annual Session. Poster Presentation: Bonding Materials: Applications and Indications in Pediatric Dentistry






2/2/2014                      NJAPD: Prevention and treatment of dental disease:           hours 7

Newest research for the care of mothers and children

Lecturer: Peter Milgrom,   Iselin, NJ


3/30/2014                    CSPD: Lasers and the future of dentistry                              hours 2.5

Lecturer: John Featherstone, Monterey, Ca

Infant Oral Health: Effects on subsequent use,

Costs and oral health status.

Lecturer: Dr. Jessica Lee, Montrerey, Ca                              hours 2.5


3/19-22/2014              AADR Annual Meeting                                                          hours 17.2

Various lecturers/ discussion     Charlotte, NC


11/18-20/2013                        ADA’s 2013 Prevention Summit                                           hours 20.5

Various speakers. Lecture/discussion. Chicago, Il


10/10/2013                  ABPD Examination Committee. Dallas Texas and

Independent work for written examination all year              hours 70


9/22-27/2013              ABPD Oral Examination. Consultant for Oral                     hours 30

Clinical exam.       Dallas, Texas


10/5/2013                    UCSF course: Caries Management by Risk Assessmsnt      hours 8                                                            lecturer: John DB Featherstone.

Tenaya Lodge, Ca.


5/23-26/2013              AAPD 66th Annual Session, Orlando, Fl                               hours 10

Various lectures


2/20/2013                    Pediatric Advanced Life Support Re-certification                hours 6


2/5/2013                      Basic Life Support. Re-certification                                     hours 4


12/13-16/2012                        AAPD Leadership Institute III.                                              Hours 20                                             various speakers at Kellogg School of Management

Northwestern University.   Evanston, Ill.


6/21-24/2012              IADR Annual Session. Iguazu, Brazil                                  hours 19

Various research presentations/posters


5/3/2012                      NJAPD cont ed: Research presentations by post-doc          hours 2

Residents of NJDS.     East Brunswick NJ


4/20-22/2012              Emergencies in Pediatric Dental Sedation Simulation          hours 12

Course. College of Diplomates of ABPD.

Various speakers. Dallas Tx


3/21-24/2012              AADR/CADR Annual Meeting                                              hours 18.5

Various research presentations. Tampa, Florida


3/14/2012                    NJAPD con ed:                                                                       hours 7

Caries Management.   Dr. John Featherstone

Modern Materials in Caries Management,

Dr. Joseph Oxman

Eatontown, NJ


2/1/2012                      NJAPD con ed: Dr. Talya Gluck                                           hours 2

Pediatricians knowledge of Oral health.

Research project results.


12/8-11/2011              AAPD Leadership Institute II                                                 hours 20

Evanstown, Ill


10/26-27/2011                        ADA Evidence Reviewer Workshop                                     hours 25

University of Kentucky


10/18/2011                  NJAPD cont ed: Dental Workforce Issues: New Jersey       hours 2

and beyond.

Speaker: Dr. Michael Messana,   NJDA president


9/24/2011                    NYU Alumni Association: First Annual NYU                      hours 7

Pediatric Dentistry Symposium

Speakers: Steve Moss, Joel Berg, P. Weinstein


6/15-18/2011              IAPD Annual Session. Athens Greece                                  hours 14

Various speakers/lectures.   Athens, Greece


6/9-11/2011                DOCS Education: Pediatric Sedation Dentistry                    hours 25

Various speakers.   San Francisco, CA


5/26-29/2011              AAPD Annual Session. New York City                                 hours 16

Various courses/speakers     New York, NY


4/6/2011                      NJAPD course “Comprehensive Review ”                            hours 7

Speaker: Dr. Steve Adair. Woodbridge, NJ


3/17-19/2011              AADR/IADR Annual Session. San Diego                             hours 18


3/5/2011                      AHA PALS Re-certification                                                 hours 7


2/9/2011                      Save the Children: Recognize early signs of abuse               hours 2

NJAPD lecture.   Speaker: Larry Dobrin, DDS


2/12/2011                    AHA Basic Life Support. Re-certification                           hours 4


1/19/2011                    NJ Oral Health Coalition Summit.                                         hours 5

Various speakers.   Mercerville, NJ


1/8/ 2011                     CDA Foundation’s CAMBRA Symposium.                          hours 10

Various Speakers.   San Francisco, Ca


12/9-12/2010              AAPD Leadership Institute III                                               hours 20

Various Speakers. Evanston, Ill


12/2/2010                    San Francisco Dental Society

TMD can be a pain in the neck. SF                                       hours 2


10/27/2010                  NJAPD course: “the Exceptional Employee”

Speaker: Dr. Gerald Samson                                                  hours 7


10/24-25/2010                        AAPD Advanced Legislative Workshop                               hours 10

Various Speakers:   Mid-level care providers


10/15/2010                  Ma APD course: “Top Pediatric Dental Pearls for 2010”

Speaker: Dr. Martha Ann Keels                                             hours-7


10/8-10/2010              ADA Annual Session. Orlando, Fl                                         hours-1


6/14-17/2010              IADR   Annual Session. Barcelona, Spain                             hours-17.5


5/27-31/2010              AAPD Annual Session. Chicago, Il.                                      hours-7



4/14/2010                    NJAPD course: “New Trends and Materials in Pulp Therapy”

Speaker: Dr. Anna Fuks)                                                      hours- 7


4/8-10/2010                CaSPD Annual meeting. Cancun, Mex. Various topics in

Pediatric Dentistry                                                                 hours- 23


3/30-31/2010              ANZSPD Annual Congress. Queenstown NZ .

Various topics related to Pediatric Dentistry                                    hours- 13.75


3/3-6/2009                  AADR Annual Session. Washington DC                              hours- 16.75


2/15-2/19 2010           Pacific Island Dental Colloquium, Kauai, HI                       hours- 20


1/20/2010                    Fracture of Mandibular Conldyle treatment                          hours 2

NJAPD lecture       Speaker: Phillip Pistolas DDS


12/1/2009                    CITI Tutorial                                                                          hours 1

NYU Pearl Network


10/2/2009                    UMDNJ: Overview in Oral conscious Sedation of Pediatric Dental

Patients           Speaker: Steve Wilson

9/25/2009                   PaAPD: Pediatric Medical and Sedation Emergencies in Dental Practice


6/6/2009                      PALS Certification (certified from 1990 to present)


4/1-4/2009                  AADR/IADR Annual Session, Miami Fla.


2/15-16/2009              SWSPD Winter Meeting, Whistler, BC. Various topics in Pediatric Dent.


5/20-24/2009              AAPD 62nd Annual Session. Honolulu, Hawaii


7/1-4/2009                  ORCA 56th Congress. Budapest, Hungry


6/17-20/2009              IAPD Annual Session. Munich, Germany


11/13-15/2008                        Hispanic Dental Association Annual Meeting. Carefree, Az


10/31/2008                  NJAPD course: Maximizing your Office Potential.

Speaker: R. Levin


10/10/2008                  AAP Oral Health in the 21th Century Symposium. Boston, Mass.


7/2-5/2008                  IADR General Session. Toronto, Canada


5/22-25/2008              AAPD 61rst Annual Session. Washington DC


5/19//2008                  CAMBRA Conference. Chicago, Il


4/11-12/2008              NJAPD course: Technodontics: The latest and the greatest.

Speaker: A. Sonis

Infant Oral Health Update

Speaker: F. Ramos-Gomez       Cape May, NJ


4/2-5/2008                  AADR Annual Meeting. Dallas, Tx.


1/10-12/2008              NYU symposium: International Conference on Novel Anticaries and                                                 Remineralizing Agents. (ICNARA)   Vina del Mar, Chile


11/27/2007                  Greater New York Dental Meeting. Pediatric Dentistry Symposia.                                                             Various speakers.   NYC


10/31/2007                  NJAPD course: Dental Materials for Pediatric Dental Practice (K.                                                             Leinfelder)


9/7-9/2007                  AAPD course: Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Dentistry. Dallas, Tx


5/24-27/2007              AAPD 60th Annual Session. San Antonio, Tx.


5/4-5/2007                  Enteral Sedation for the Dental Practice. Mount Sinai School of                                                   Medicine’s Department of Anesthesiology.   NYC, NY


4/25/2007                    NJAPD course: Caries Management by Risk Assessment. The Caries                                                 Balance. (JDB Featherstone)       at UMDNJ


3/21-24/2007              IADR/AADR Annual Session. New Orleans, La.


1/27/2007                    Yankee Dental Meeting. Pediatric Dentistry Symposia. Various speakers.

Boston, Mass.






Prepared May 2012